Cut Phone Lines

Monday, April 28, 2008

This is sort of an interlude from my continuing story regarding my web site.  Today, technology failed in a much much bigger way.

This afternoon, I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden the Internet just stopped working.  This has happened before, and usually I just unplug my office router, then plug it back in, and everything works just fine. 

Not this time.

I tried my routine a few more times, but it never worked.  I have the AT&T tech support number on file, found it, and tried to call.  Part way through dialing the number, I got a beeping noise.  I try again, and again, then finally give up thinking that maybe they have a new number.  I do have another number in my list, so I try that one.  No go.  Grrrr...

I can't remember how exactly I found out, but I tried dialing my home number, Nicole's cell phone number, RCB Bank number, and nothing worked.  The phones were dead for out of Pryor dialing, but I did find I could dial certain local numbers.  Weird.  Checked with our next door neighbor, and they too had the problem.  Well, its good to know that it wasn't just me.  More checking determined that this was not just a local phenomena, but spanning a few counties. 

AT&T cell phones were also out of commission.  The manager at the business next door (where I checked) called AT&T to report the problem, using her non-AT&T cell.   Apparently the person taking the report was surprised to learn there was something wrong, saying that no one else has reported anything. 

Of course not!  No one could call.  *Duh*   Apparently, if the world ended, and no one was left to report it to AT&T, it didn't really end.  I wonder if they would still send out my phone bill. 

To continue..... not only were regular phones out, but emergency 911 services as well.  Great time to rob a bank (I jest), but I guess the bank thought so as well, as they locked their doors because of the phone situation.  The drive through was open at least.

It's hard to work with no phones and no Internet.  My secretary said "Might as well have the electricity out for all the good it does us".  How true!

At about 6 PM, the phone service came back on.  Apparently a phone line was cut somewhere between Pryor and Claremore (heard it on the news).  Amazing how much you rely on the phones, and how helpless you are when then they don't work.  Try doing a direct deposit payroll with no phone and no Internet....

Just imagine what would happen if they cut a really BIG line somewhere..... this one just lead to Pryor.  Imagine the chaos that would cause.   Boggles the mind....

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