Technology Bites Me Again, part 2

Sunday, April 27, 2008

As I mentioned last time, there seems to be some confusion as to where my web site is really located.  I knew where it was, but I seemed to be the only one.

I check with BlueDomino, and they do still list me as a customer even though there are no files on their system.  So, I figure it would be best if I contacted them to cancel the account.  Since I wasn't using it, I didn't want them to automatically bill me the annual fee.  I tried to cancel via the web, but was informed that it had to be done with a phone call.

So, I make the call.  The lady on the phone first started to ask me if I would reconsider, but then I explained what was going on, and she claimed to understand.  So, without further discussion, she closed the account and then told me that a confirming email would follow.  Great!  At least that was one problem down, and no one could then tell me that my account was on some service that it wasn't.

A few hours later, my web site disappeared.

Well, not actually disappeared.  I could still log on to my true service and access my files via their service or FTP, but if you typed in the web address, one would just got an error message.  Lovely. 

I call tech support again, hoping not to get the guy I called an idiot.  Fortunately, some lady answered and we started discussing my problem.  After a bit, the tech realized that perhaps that someone in billing needed to handle my problem.  Fine, as long as they could help, I don't care if I spoke to the janitor.  The lady in billing was confused as well, and said it was beyond her ability to help.  She would have to escalate this up to a Level 2 support person, and that they would contact me by email.  Something about my domain ( not being listed as on their server....

Not sure how that could have happened, and not sure that was exactly right, as I checked some online stuff and it all said my that service was with them.  So... I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  After 24 hours of waiting, I called again, asking why it was taking so long.

This time the tech person said that "the domain pointers where not pointing to the right spot"  Sigh, don't have a clue what that means, but I know that can't be good.  Support tells me they moved the pointers and to wait another 24 hours and everything should be just fine.  Great!

I wait the 24 hours, and not only is my site NOT working, I can no longer access my files and such at all!  It seems I just can't win.

(More to come....)


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