Technology Bites Me Again

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tax season is over.  Finally!  Actually, it was over a couple of weeks ago, but this is the first opportunity I've really had to write anything.

I did manage to take a few days off after the exhausting three and a half months of work, work and more work.  My plan was to 1) sleep, 2) clean my house, 3) more sleep, and 4) write some on this blog.

As for my goals, I managed to sleep (some) but not nearly enough.  Cleaning?  Well....some.  I could spend a lifetime just cleaning up the hair shed by Nicole's long-haired cat.  All I can say is the house looks better than it did a couple of months ago.  I'll leave it at that.

But the blog...didn't manage to get anything done.  There was a technological conspiracy working against me, causing all sorts of weird and strange happenings.  Not even sure how or where to begin actually.... but I will give it a shot.

A while back I noticed that my News page was no longer showing the news.  Well, that sucked, considering I hadn't done anything to change it.  That had to mean that something on the Internet had changed causing it to break.  Either my service or the news RSS feeds that are supposed to show up on that page.  Also, my email page is supposed to be able to load a file and deposit it on my site, allowing me to come in later and take a look at whatever someone has left me.  This too stopped working.  Again, no changes by me so something outside of my control had to be involved.

My hosting service was also supposed to upgrade my hosting site from version 1 to version 3 of their system.  I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean, but it was scheduled to happen on January 23rd .... over 3 months ago.  Still hasn't happened. 

Of course, all this happens during tax season, so I don't really have time to mess with it.  I figure it can wait until after its over, and then start fixing things.  So, about a day or so before April 15, I called my hosting service and asked them why my site hadn't been moved to the new "version".  The guy tells me that the automatic transfer of my site failed (oh my!) and that they are going to have to do it manually.  But not to fear, it will be done by the end of April.  Ok... sounds reasonable, thank the guy and hang up.

Right after the end of tax season, I go to the software that makes the little RSS news reader app and ask them why my news isn't working.  I had actually asked months ago but they gave me an answer I KNEW wasn't right cause it had been working, and just stopped.  So I let it go .... until this time.  I finally got an answer saying that a certain setting had to be turned ON before the RSS thing would work.  I checked, and mine was turned OFF.  That sucks, but I thought I knew how to turn it ON, so I tried.  No luck.  No matter what I did, the setting stayed OFF.

Like any normal person, after trying and not getting it to work, I called tech support.  On hold for a bit, then finally got hold of someone, and told them my problem.  The guy on the phone paused for a moment and said "Your site isn't on our service"

Huh?  Remember, I had just spoken to tech support not more than a few days ago, so I promptly said "Yes, it is".  He said..."No, it isn't".  Um...this was a bit confusing.  My service HAD been there, and I told him I spoke with tech support a couple of days ago, but his reply was "You couldn't have, your account isn't with us.  It's with BlueDomino." 

BlueDomino is where my account was previously.  I had moved my service from there to this one because I didn't like the way BlueDomino set up their servers.  So I told them this, then asked "How do you know I am on their service anyway?"  The guy told me that the two hosting services were now related somehow.  Great I thought, I didn't like the one, and now they're related.  The guy insisted I was with BlueDomino and not his.  Though I KNOW I am with his, and not BlueDomino.  I had to ask him, "Okay then, if I am with BlueDomino, why are all my files on YOUR site?  I can long in to YOUR site and SEE them??"  His basic reply was that he didn't know, but I wasn't on their service.

This call didn't end well, perhaps me calling him an idiot didn't help much either.  At this point, wasn't sure what to do....

To be continued.... trust me, this goes on for a while!

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