Wednesday, January 23, 2008

That's the question, isn't it?  Why? 

Why what??  Oh....yeah, you might need to know that.  I've been asked why I haven't been writing much lately.  Good question, and I'm sure there is an equally good answer.  Let me think.....

Been kinda busy around the house.  When you live by yourself, you have to do everything.  No shared responsibilities here, it all comes down to me.  If I want it done, I do it.  Which may explain why I finally got my Christmas decorations up this past weekend.  A bit late I know.  It wasn't that I kept them up on purpose, but it wasn't really that high of a priority to put them away.  The worse part is putting them back up into the attic.  The Christmas Tree weighs about 50 pounds and its in this big unwieldy box.  But at least now, all the things that should be in the attic are in the attic. 

I cleaned my attic too.  Rearranged it at least so that its fairly organized.  Everything is up thre with room to spare.

Usually when I am at the computer, I watch TV.  Not sure if you noticed, but lately TV sucks.  Some may say that this is nothing new, but I can usually find something decent to watch in the evenings.  But right now, there are very few new shows, unless you count reality TV.  I hate reality TV.  Really I do.  Instead of watching broadcast television, I've been watching old shows on DVD.  For a few of my favorites I have perchased entire seasons including Perry Mason, Hogan's Heroes and lets not forget the Muppet Show.  Yes, I have a wide variety of tastes.  I don't watch DVD's in my office, so then I'm away from the computer. 

I know its a laptop, and therefore portable, and therefore I could take it with me where ever I'm watching.  But...I don't want to. 

At one point, I was behind in my comic reading by almost 200 books.  Granted that was last year sometime, but I was still behind at the beginning of the year.  So I've been trying to get caught up, and this last weekend I finally did.  Yea!!!  Since this is the beginning of tax season, I wonder how long that will last. 

Lets see...what else.  Oh yeah, I had to renew my insurance license.  I have one of those...but I don't really use it much.  Still, I have to take the required 18 hours of CPE to get it renewed.  I did that the previous weekend.

It takes a lot of time to write one of these articles.  Maybe if I was a good writer, and it came easy to me, I could get an article written faster.  But I'm not much of a writer.  I have to think, and rewrite, and sometimes rewrite some more.  It takes time....

Or...maybe these are just excuses.  I could've written, I just didn't.   I've been bad, and I promise I'll do better.  At least I'll try.

Oh, and I've gotta fix the news section of this website.  It was working, then stopped without me having to do a thing.  Amazing technology that.  Hopefully that will be fixed, or the news page may be old news and history if I can't get it working.

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