Christmas at the Kolker's

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I took a little writing vacation for Christmas.  Thought I deserved a little time off and more time to spend with my kids.  Here's hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas.

It's been an interesting week here, as both my kids were home.  My house looks like a tornado swept through it, with junk scattered seemingly everywhere.  Some are boxes of Christmas decorations what we will use to pack up in a week or so, the rest is my kids leaving stuff everywhere they go.  They seem to think that their vacation comes with maid service.  Mine never seem to.

Since I was sick last Monday, Krista (with assistance from Nicole) took it upon herself to go grocery shopping.  That was much appreciated, but now there are strange things in my freezer.  Fish sticks.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't like fish.  Also, there are some peanut butter flavored ice cream sandwiches.  Ewwww.... I told her she better eat all that stuff because no one else would.  Well, the stuff is still here.  She even confessed that the peanut butter ice cream sandwiches were gross (she ate part of one).  Gee... go figure that one!  She left without eating hardly any of that so called food, so I'm wondering if there is a way to mail them to her back in Canada.  I'll check into that.

Nicole had the flu on Christmas.  She couldn't even go to my parents where we were celebrating Christmas.  We didn't want her (and she agreed) infecting anyone else, especially my 90 year old grandma.  Plus, the sound of retching just isn't very festive.

Krista had to go back home today, though she tried to get her ticket changed.  Long story, but to make it short, if she gave United Airlines another $700+, they would be glad to change it.  Jerks.

Enough for now, I'm sure I will write more later.  There's enough material for a book, I just don't have the energy to write it all down. 

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