Attic Cleaning

Thursday, December 20, 2007

There are always lots of Christmas parties going on, and I even get invited to a few.  On Tuesday night, I was supposed to go to the Sertoma Christmas party, but because I had been sick, I didn't really feel well enough to go.

So while I did go to work that day, I came home exhausted.  My plan was to come home, and lie down and rest for the remainder of the evening.  I went to my bedroom, and it was cold.  Freezing cold.  Looking in the closet, I saw the light on, the ladder standing in the middle and the cover of the attic entrance missing.  Since heat rises, I guess that means cold air falls down.  And it was certainly falling down out of the attic.  I wondered if the attic was warm now, and how much it costs to heat it.  I'm sure I'll find out when the next gas bill arrives

Going back to the living room, where both my lovely daughters had parked themselves, I asked what was going on.  "Oh yeah," Krista replied, "I'm looking at my stuff in the attic."  Really.  While in my room, I had peered up into the attic, I could tell that a tornado had gone through there.  Now I know it to be a  tornado named Krista.  Telling her I was going to put up the ladder and close things up and she said "No...I want to go through more of my stuff!"

Sensing an opportunity here....

My attic is a mess.  Filled with tons and tons of "stuff".  I have no idea what most of that stuff is, but its up there.  Krista said she would go up there and look but I made her an offer.  I would bring her boxes down so she could go through them down here, and not go crawling about the attic making an even bigger mess.  Though I was exhausted, I somehow found the energy to go up and bring (seemingly) dozens of heavy boxes down a rickety ladder.  Krista went through all her belongings and separated them into 4 groups. 

  • Stuff to keep - this was pretty small actually....
  • Stuff to trash - I was surprised that there was so much...
  • Stuff to recycle - We recycle all the paper we can, and with empty boxes and such, the back of my PT Cruiser was completely filled
  • Stuff to donate - The back of Nicole's RAV-4 was filled with items we took to the local mission. 

Krista had so much stuff in the attic because...well, because I put it there.  She moved to California, and took a few things with her in her little car.  It didn't hold much stuff, and she left all the rest here.  What was I supposed to do with it all?  She has always complained about that, but I couldn't just leave it where she left it.  And I did the same thing with Nicole too (to which Nicole also has complained).  If they had their way, the house would have been left exactly the same as when they moved out, all their possessions wouldn't be touched, and I would live in only a small corner of my house.

My attic is now half empty.  I have places to put MY things now.  Room to walk around up there too.  My house probably weighs a full ton lighter. 

Not how I planned to spend my evening, and I certainly paid for it the next day (sore back).  But in the long run, it was worth it!

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