Sick as a Dog

Monday, December 17, 2007

Look at the title.  What exactly does that mean?  Do dogs get sicker than other animals?  Personally, I would think cats would be a more accurate comparison.  After all, they're always yakking up hairballs all over place.  The cats the live with me seem to take delight in doing just that on my nice new carpet. time they even threw up in their own food bowl.  Then would constantly meow at me and lead me to their bowl as if to say... "Look!  Clean it up!". 

I will be glad when those cats are gone.

Well, no matter the comparison, I am sick as a dog today.  Must be the flu.  Upset stomach and I ache all over.  Feels like someone took a baseball bat and worked me over a few innings.  I could barely get out of bed, much less go to work.  Of course, if I went to work everybody would have sent me right back home again.  But I feel guilty when I miss work. 

After noon, I called my doctor, and she graciously prescribed me some medicine for nausea.  I told my kids to go get the prescription, they then started arguing about who would go get it.  Each one saying the other should. 

I guess Krista won the argument since Nicole agreed to go get it.  But, apparently there are certain appearance requirements to go into town that I wasn't aware of.  Nicole didn't have any clean clothes, so, laundry must first be done.  And she needed a shower and to make herself look presentable.  After all, she might run into someone she knows.  So what if Dad is in the bedroom sick as all get out and needs the medicine now, what if someone saw her and she didn't look good?  That would be a real tragedy.

Good thing I wasn't dying.....

Finally, about three hours later I had my medicine.  If I had been well, I would have been more forceful about making her go get it now.  Just didn't have the energy.  Of course, if I had been well, I wouldn't have needed the medicine to start with.

Not having anything to eat all day, I needed something in my stomach.  Not sure what we had, I staggered my way to the kitchen, and fumbled through the cabinets.  I found a can of Campbell's Chicken and Noodle soup.  Yes!!!  Krista was in the living room, so I walked toward her, set the can on the counter and asked if she would make this for me.  She nodded yes, and I went back to my room and back into bed.

A few minutes later, Krista comes in with a small bowl of soup.  I sat up, looking at it and thinking something wasn't right.  She handed me the bowl, and there wasn't much in it.  I asked... "Did you put water in it like the instructions said?".   She said "No".   I asked.... "Did you read the instructions?"  She said.."No".   Then added, "This is how I always do it."   Oh well...

It tasted okay, just a bit STRONG. 

Thus ending day 1 of the kids being home....

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