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Friday, December 14, 2007

My kids will be home for Christmas.  I'm greatly looking forward to it, as any parent would be.  However, I know my life will be in a state of disruption for the next several weeks.....

Kids in college don't understand the concept of "Early to bed, early to rise..." and really, I don't practice that very well either.  But I know that when my kids are here, I will be lucky to find myself asleep before midnight each night.  At least I (usually) go to bed before then every night. 

It' also kinda funny how my bills go up dramatically when they are home.  Utilities...phone....and of course, food all dramatically rise.  The food bill makes sense, since the number of people in the house will triple, but I have learned one thing.  When Dad buys, they don't like the cheap stuff. 

Not sure how the utility bill goes up so much, but I know I will probably have to fight them over the temperature setting for the heater.  Right now, its set at 68° F.  That may be a little cool, but I wear the appropriate clothes so it isn't a problem.  But I know my kids.  They will want to wear shorts, short sleeve shirts, flip flops and then complain that they are cold.  Imagine...

At one point in time, back when the kids were still kids, I had a lock over the thermostat.  I had to do it.  Ever been in a house where they jack up the heat so much in the winter, everyone gets hot?  Then they turn on the air conditioner to cool it off?  I have, and its not cheap to do, even in a small house.  And when I say "they" I mean everyone but me.  I have enough common sense to at least not do that.

I really am looking forward to having Krista and Nicole home.  Krista hasn't been home since Thanksgiving 2006, and Nicole hasn't spent much time here since last Christmas vacation.  I'm sure it will be fun, exciting and give me lots of material to write here. 

But...is it wrong of me to want to buy another lock for my thermostat?

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