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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice storms suck.  Certainly they aren't a lot of fun.  Last January's ice storm knocked me out of power and water for about 5 days.  This time I fared much better, I only lost my water for 2 days.  Not too bad.  Many others didn't do so well and are still doing without.  I feel for them....

On Wednesday and Thursday I had a CPE class that I, as an accountant, had to take.  Gotta get my 40 hours in each year.  The class was in Tulsa, and Tulsa got hit hard during the storm.  Originally my class was scheduled at the Hilton's conference center in south Tulsa, but since they had no power, it was moved to the Doubletree downtown. 

Driving through Tulsa was like driving through a ghost town.  The power was out all over town.  I was kinda spooky driving past rows and rows of stores during the afternoon and no one was around.  The only place that seemed to have power was QuikTrip.  I don't know how they did it, probably some sort of generators at the stores.  I guess it would be worth it though, considering they were about the only place in town to buy gas.  You should've seen the lines at the gas pumps. 

Wednesday's my day to get my comics, and since I was already in town, getting them would be easy this time.  But then I though..."what if they don't have power?".   In town and the comic shop closed... now wouldn't that be ironic?  I call him from my car, and he answers!  Great!  I assume he has power.... but when I show up, no power to be had. 

Mike is in his store, bundled up, with a flashlight sorting out the day's books.  It seems to be colder in his store than it was outside.  I'm not sure how that's possible, but it was.  Fortunately for Mike, he's very lo-tech.  He used to have a cash register in his store, but never did seem to work well.  Finally, one day it died, and instead of replacing it, he now uses only a hand held calculator.  Until a few years ago, you had to pay with cash or check, but he succumbed to pressure and now has a credit card device to swipe someone's card. 

If you were paying with cash or check, Mike was open for business.   I had my checkbook ready, and got my week's worth of books.  Went back to my home, and found my water to be back on! 

Life is good....

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