Best - Christmas - Album - Ever!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Say the above title like the Simpson's Comic Book Guy... each word is stressed.  If you don't know who the Comic Book Guy is, then don't worry about.
Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, and Christmas music is a big part of it.  After Thanksgiving, I tend to listen to only Christmas songs until the day after Christmas.  I like all sorts, from Classical Guitar Christmas songs, Mannheim Steamroller, and standards from the 40's and 50's. 
But there is one album (yes...ALBUM) that really is my favorite.  You can listen to it above if you want.  From a small kid, this was THE music that defined Christmas for me.  It's Merry Christmas by the New Christy Minstrels.  I would listen to it for hours and hours.  I'm sure my parents got tired of it after awhile, even though it was theirs to begin with. 
When I moved away after graduating high school, I would come home for Christmas, and one of the things I made sure to do was listen to this music.  Until one day Mom made a little mistake.  She put the album (yes...ALBUM) on top of the stereo receiver.  Stereo receivers get hot.  Vinyl melts.  We found the album with melted sides draped over the edges of the receiver.  I was devastated to say the least.
I spent many years after the "incident" looking for a replacement.  I kept looking and looking, usually around Christmas time, until one fateful day 10 years later I found it.  I was so happy that I called my entire family.  Mom and Dad were happy too!  When I called my brother, he said "Oh yeah, I found a copy of that years ago".  I could've killed him right then.  Thank goodness I told him over the phone.  I made tape (this was before you could burn CD's) copies.  At least 4, and gave one to my parents.  Had to make sure I kept the album safe.
Then the next year it came out on CD.  Figures.  Oh well.....  I bought 3.
Just so you know, this album was recorded in 1963, when folk music was on the rise, right before the Beatles came to the US and destroyed it (along with most 50's type of music).  The music is old, but then again, so am I.  The best songs are #2, #3 and #9 in my opinion.
I think the Christmas music you listen to as a child is what you end up liking as you grow older.  Krista likes the old standards, Nicole is into Mannheim Steamroller.  All are good choices, but to me, this music IS Christmas.

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