Computer Glitches

Sunday, December 2, 2007

(This is going to be a short one.)

After a while, my computer (laptop) starts to act strange.  Weird things happen, and then finally it gets to the point where I have to just give up and start over.   Then the process repeats itself.   Usually it takes about 6 months from when I start over to the point I start over again.

On Friday, and about 8 months after I last reinstall everything, I couldn't take the weird things any more.  So, I reformatted and now am in the process of once more reinstalling Windows and all my software.  I don't normally lose anything, unless one of the weird things was a program wiping out all its data and starting over.  Which it did.  Nothing major, just some notes and lists.

Most of the data is saved, but the programs all must be reinstalled.  I have tons...well...dozens of programs that I use.  It takes FOREVER to get it back to where it was.  I have got a lot done as of Sunday night, but not yet close to being finished.  I was fortunate enough to get my web software up and running, and write this little bit. 

Oh, and I had to get Yahoo running so I could talk to Catalina!  That was a priority.....

Maybe I will write more later on this topic.... we shall see.  But I can say one thing... this is NOT how I wanted to spend my weekend!

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