Passport Update

Monday, November 26, 2007

An update on my passport renewal experience.

When I got my passport in the mail, the web site where you can track the progress of your application still showed my status as "processing".  Not quite right as I had my new passport in my hand.  Though, as I a said before, the whole procedure was quick and easy.  I was impressed.

The State Department web site that allows you to track your passport status also allows you to enter your email address for email updates to the process.  The day I signed up for this, I got an email which told me that my app was being processed.  This was to be expected, since I signed up fairly soon after I sent my application in.  Since then I didn't hear a thing and kinda forgot about the email status request.

Until about a few days ago.

The other day I got an email from them saying that my passport was being mailed.  This, after a week or two of having received already received my passport.

Oh well... at least they told me, even if they were a bit late.  Not sure why the delay, but I really don't care at this point.  As long as I have my passport, I'm good.

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