Black Friday

Friday, November 23, 2007

The day after Thanksgiving should be a good day.  Yet it gets the name "Black Friday".

Sounds ominous, doesn't it?  Scary even.  But just because it's the busiest shopping day of the year, it's given this name.  The name conjures up imagines of the plague or "Black Death".  Impending doom and destruction.  How bad can it be?  Even the day after Jesus died is called "Good Friday", I can't imagine this is worse.

Although from watching TV news about the day, it does seem pretty bad.  There were news stories of people spending the nights in front of stores, just to save a few bucks.  Sleeping in tents in freezing cold weather if not my idea of fun.  They could have spent the night in warm comfy beds, but in the spirit of getting stuff, they are willing to forgo their sanity and comfort.  Camera footage showed stores opening at 6 AM, 5 AM, and even some opening at 4 AM with people being smashed against the doors the crowds were so thick.  Crazy!

Being that I had the day off, I awoke a little after 9 AM, and then did manage to go into town.  I had to return something at a store.  Pryor seemed a little empty.  At the store, I was told that Pryor is always half empty the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday madness has struck and everyone has gone into Tulsa to shop. 

Not everyone it seems.  I didn't go.  There were stories on the local news about traffic problems, people trying to keep calm if the face of long lines, traffic jams, and jam packed stores.  Why would I want to face that?  Sounds way to stressful.

So, on this "Black Friday" I did other things.  I went to the office and did a little computer maintenance, cleaned up my driveway, moved some furniture, trimmed my trees and other fun things around the house.

Quiet and peaceful, that is how "Black Friday" should be spent. 

But then again, we're told on TV that the American economy depends on this day, that we can tell if America is heading for recession based on how much we spend.  Hmm.... now it seems I haven't done my job.  I've let the country down. 

I guess there is always tomorrow.   Stores will be open again, and I can do my duty.  I wonder what Saturday is called.  "Brown Saturday"? 

Wouldn't "Green" be more appropriate anyway? 

(Hint: color of money)

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