Kill the Cats!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There are two cats in my house.  Evil things, who only suffer my presence because I supply them with sustenance and clean out their littler box.

Mack and Izzy (short for Isabel) aren't really my cats, but they belong to Nicole.  Nicole obviously can't have them in the dorm, so they stay here.  Personally, I don't want pets, but they don't have any where else to go. So I'm stuck with them. 

Izzy is a small cat, but Mack is huge.  Not fat, but stout.  I would think he is part mountain lion except for the fact that he is afraid of his own shadow.  But when he and Izzy play around the house, he is like the proverbial bull in the china shop, running into and knocking things over.  Such was the case last night

I think I mentioned in a previous article here that I was considering moving my office from the small to the large bedroom in the house.  The decision was made, and this past weekend I started.  Still in process as I write this, a lot of stuff remains in the dining area.   Its a bit crowded in there, but its easier to put things in there and get them out of the way. 

Last night, I had to go to a meeting for work, so like I normally do, I left the cats home alone.  The meeting when fine, then I came back home.  The only light on in the house was in the entryway.  I didn't need more light as I headed toward the kitchen, the entryway light being enough.  As I walked into the dining area, I felt something under my shoes and heard a horrible "crunch crunch" as I took a couple of steps.

I stopped and looked down.  I could what appeared to be shards of glass on the floor twinkling in the ambient light.  Standing there, I was trying to figure out what could have been broken, and how it could have been happened.

Turning on the dining area light, I saw glass everywhere.  Then I noticed the broken candle on the floor.  Oh yes, I had a candle from the kids room that I had sitting on a counter.  Apparently one of the cats (probably Mack) knocked it off and it shattered. 

The loss of a candle is not a big deal.  In fact, it was just one less thing I would have to put somewhere when I was finished.  But then I noticed it....and I was NOT happy.

What is "it"?  "It" is the hole in my ceramic tile caused by the falling glass. 

During all of this, the cats were lying on the couch, just content to watch me pick up their mess (like they watch me clean their litter box).  However, the loud scream that came from my mouth caused them to run and hide.  At this point, they must have realized they did something wrong.  I was so close to reaching out and strangling one of the cats.  Mack especially... I know it was him.  He did this..... I can feel it!

A hole in ceramic tile is a problem.  How do you fix it?  I don't have any tiles left from when it was installed (it came with the house).  Tile styles change more often than clothing styles it seems, from talking to Carl's Flooring.  They were trying to tell me that there was NO chance to find something that matched my tile.  Great!

Oh, and replacing all the tile is not an option..... something about the weird angles in the rooms and it being cost prohibitive.  I'm not sure....I zoned out a bit after that.

Did a little research, and I guess my best option is to use some epoxy putty to fill the hole, then do my best to match paint to the color of my floor.  I don't really know what color to use, but it's some sort of off-white.  Ivory, maybe?  Who knows.....

I wonder if there is a color called "Unmopped White".  That would be perfect.

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