Moving Furniture

Friday, November 16, 2007

I have a plan.  It's a good plan, but I know it will probably result in massive grief for me.  What is my plan, you ask?  Moving furniture.

My house isn't a large house, but it does have three bedrooms.  Other than the master bedroom, there is a large bedroom, and a pretty small bedroom.  Right now, my office is in the small bedroom and the large bedroom is used by the kids when they come to visit.  Not only is my office in that room, but my entire comic collection.  It's a bit crowded in here, so I'm thinking I should move my office (and comics) to the big room and the kid's (spare) bedroom to the little one.

Sounds like a good plan, right? 

Lets just wait and see what the kids think about that.  I think Krista will be okay with it, but Nicole ... I'm not so sure. 

Nicole views that as her room, and it's not to be touched.  Even thought she is at college, living as an RA in the dorm.  And starting in May she plans on renting a house (and taking her cats!).  Neither of the kids make it back home much.  Krista is over 2000 miles away, and may make it home once a year, if we're lucky.  Nicole makes it over a little more often, but even if she does, she doesn't need that much room for a night or two. 

It's my house though, and 95% of the time I'm here alone.  Why should I spend my time in a cramped room when a much bigger room in my house goes unused?  It doesn't seem logical to me.  Besides, I'm the parent.  They are the kids.  I gotta keep telling myself that...... 

I am putting this up tonight so that my kids can read it.  Krista and Nicole both say they read my web site, so this will be a little test.  If I hear no objections, then it must be okay with them for me to move the furniture.

Now THAT sounds like a good plan!

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