Thursday, November 8, 2007

I looked at the calendar on the blog page and noticed something:  I don't seem to write on Wednesdays.

Wednesday (why is it spelled that way?) is my favorite day of the week.  Some like it because its "Hump Day" meaning the week is half over.  To me, if it's a day I have to go to work, it doesn't really matter.  The real reason I like Wednesday's is because it is Comic Book day. 

Every Wednesday, new comic books hit the stands at the local comic book store in Tulsa.  Actually, I think it's the day they come out everywhere, but I'm not sure.  The books are shipped on Monday, and arrive at the UPS location on Wednesday.  Mike, the proprietor of Comic Empire, picks them up on his way to work so he can have them when he first opens.  I think people are waiting at his door on Wednesday for him to open up.  Not me though, some of us actually have jobs.

After work on each Wednesday, I drive down to Tulsa and pick up my books.  Mike offers a service where he sets asides titles you have on a list and puts them in a bag that has your name on it.  So technically, you don't have to be there to pick them up on the day they come out.  I know this, but for some reason I can't wait that long.  I have to go THAT DAY.  I'm not alone though, as the place is crowded when I arrive. 

Driving is getting to be so expensive anymore.  Gas prices are outrageous, and makes the trip to Tulsa somewhat painful.  I've considered asking Mike to ship my books to me, and I'm sure he would as, considering my volume buying, I am probably one of his best customers.  Not sure that is a good thing (for me) but it does afford me certain privileges. 

A competitor of the Comic Empire store moved from its location in mid town Tulsa to somewhere like 141st and Memorial, which is way down in south Tulsa.  Apparently they lost a lot of customers as their former customers considered this too far to drive.   The customers started showing up at Mike's store (31st and Mingo), which wasn't to far from the other store's original location. 

I had to laugh...too far?  12 miles?  I drive from Pryor and back ... lets talk distance here.  Geez... Still, after driving back and forth to Tulsa, apparently I don't feel like writing after that.  Besides, I have other things to do once I get home.....

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