Saturday Morning Meeting

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Who in their right mind schedules a meeting at 9 AM on a Saturday morning? 

I live in a neighborhood run by a home owners association.  It's a nice place.. fairly quiet and private.  It helps that my house is the only house on the street, and its a short dead-end street.  Most seem to forget that my house is here.  I like that.

My accounting firm does the bookkeeping for the homeowners association, plus keep track of dues and pays the bills.  As such, I get invited to the monthly board meetings.  Usually these are at night, but for some reason this one was scheduled on a Saturday morning.

Normally, I am asleep at this time.  This is my only day to sleep in, so I try to take advantage of it.  I woke up today just in time to get ready, and get to the meeting.  It's only a little way from the house, but out of habit I got in the car and drove.  When I told Catalina I drove, she gave me a hard time about it.  I probably should have walked, but I was half asleep and not really thinking about that.  Cat walks just about everywhere.  Which is why she is skinny and I... well, I am not.

Got to the meeting, and no coffee or donuts.  I was disappointed.  An early morning meeting with no donuts or coffee?  Ugh...  The meeting lasted over 2 hours before my part was done.  The rest were still going at it when I went back home and went back to bed. 

Maybe I am the only one who feels like this about Saturday mornings.....

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