Buying a Wedding Dress

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wedding dresses are expensive.  Very!  Not sure why either.  What makes them so much more "valuable" than other dresses I don't know, but they are just not cheap.  Maybe women know the answer to this, but being a guy, it escapes me.

That being said, the dress that Catalina likes retails for about $900, at least at various online stores.  That's a lot of money.  Even Cat thinks so.   But of course, it is her wedding, and I know she wants to look good for it, so I had in my mind that I would be buying this dress at a later date.   Its only money, right?

Catalina had other ideas.  One of the things Catalina seems to be very good at is finding things on the Internet.  Not sure how she manages sometimes, but she does find all sorts of things.  I think searching for info on her school research project (Cirrhosis of the Liver as related to her Nursing studies) has taught her how to find just about anything. 

She was looking for a good place to buy the dress, and she found a place in China that had it listed.  In Yahoo, she sent the link so I could look at it.  Wasn't sure exactly what I was looking at for a while.  And actually, I wasn't sure why this place had that dress on their web site, but they had the exact same pictures as found on the retail web sites.  They also had hundreds of other items too. 

Then I looked at the price: $180. 

I had to look at that a long time to believe it.  Could that be right?  I clicked on it to add it to the cart (just to see), but I first had to enter the appropriate measurements.  So, I asked Cat for her measurements, and she gave them to me in metric.  The site wanted them in good ol' inches, so I had to convert.  After converting (lets hope I did that right), I entered the measurements and pressed "add to cart".  Sure enough, the price was $180.  Okay..... and then for an additional $15 I can get expedited shipping to the US, with a tracking number.  Wow, that's cheap too.  Expedited shipping it is!

So, with Catalina agreeing, I went ahead and ordered it , paying via PayPal of all things.  That's good, safer that way.  I don't have to give out my credit card numbers to an unknown place in China.  Later, I got the confirmation in my email, and it said to wait 20 some day before shipping to give them time to make the dress.  Make it?? 

Turns out, its a factory that makes these dresses.  Gotta wonder if its bootleg or not.  I don't know, and perhaps I shouldn't ask too many questions.  Some of you might think I'm crazy buying a dress that way, and maybe I am.  But for that price, I'm willing to take a chance.  The dress should be here by the end of November, so we'll see what happens.  I'll write here when it comes in.

Since we are considering getting married in Las Vegas, I guess I'm learning to gamble before I go.

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