Oklahoma ain't so Bad (pt 1)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Originally, this article was going to be about my electricity, or the lack thereof earlier this week.  That has changed, at least a bit.  On that day, the weather was perfect.  Sunny, nice and cool, not too much wind.  My idea of heaven.  Yet when I got home, my electricity was off.  Why?!?!?! 

I need my electricity, especially since I was wanting to get online to talk to Catalina.  I called the PSO phone number to report outages.  Once I entered all the info identifying where I am, the automatic voice told me that they knew of the problem, which was caused by an auto accident, and that there were crews on the scene.  A car wreck caused my outage?  Must have been some wreck. 

I calmed a bit, since I realized someone probably got hurt because of the wreck.  And I did call Catalina instead, so that was nice (cell phone's are great when there is no power).  She reassured me that the power would be on soon, and not to worry.  While I wasn't really worried, she at least made me feel better.  (Always feel better after talking with her.) 

Sure enough, about 3 minutes after we hung up, the power came back on.  So I did my usual evening routine... a little TV, chat with Cat on Yahoo, and a little work.

On the TV, I watched the new about the fires in California.  Made my problem of no electricity seem a little trivial (yes.. I am the master of understatement).  I watched with sadness and concern as forests and houses were burning and entire towns threatened with destruction.  Really puts things in perspective.  People from other places often ask me why I, or anyone for that matter, would want to live in Oklahoma because we have tornadoes. 

After watching the TV coverage, Oklahoma doesn't look so bad.

(to be continued....)

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