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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's always nice to get a package in the mail.  Especially when its from your significant other.  Yesterday I got a box in the mail from Catalina, filled with all sorts of goodies from Romania.  She certainly treats me well.

In the box were all sorts of coffees and candies, things i really enjoyed during my visits to her fair homeland.  A lot of coffee is sold in instant form in individually wrapped servings.  This makes fixing an individual cup of coffee a lot easier.  You just pour the complete package into a cup, add hot water, and you have a very tasty drink.  Some of the coffe packets even have sugar and cream incluAll types of coffeeded (3 in 1 on the package).  How easy is that?

At the last apartment I rented in Romania, one of the appliances in the kitchen was hot water heater.  I know you can heat up water in a microwave, but for some reason, this tastes better.  When I got home from Romania this past May, I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of these things.  Very handy, and not only for coffee.  I use it also to make oatmeal, tea, hot chocolate, and instant soups. 

Not only did Catalina give me several brands/types of instant coffee, but she also gave me a bunch of candy.  Mmmmm.... candy.  She sent Gummi candy...the real stuff from Germany.  Also sent was some chocolates Yummy candy!she had sent to me last Christmas called Chokotoff, as well as a cookie type thing and a coconut candy bar.  Some of the candy is missing from the picture.  I ate it.  I was hungry.  

When I got the package, I noticed it had been opened.  Apparently US Customs felt the need to investigate my candy and coffee.  Not sure if anything missing, but it does make you wonder when your box comes in slit open on one side. 

And the final thing included in the box: a note from Catalina.  Nicest part of the whole package, actually.  It feels great to be treated like this.  Makes me wonder what I did to deserve it, but I won't think about it too much.  I don't wanna jinx it! 

Thank you, Catalina!

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