Duck Soup

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Duck Soup" is the name of my favorite Marx Brothers movie.  Its also an old slang phrase for something that is easy to do.  Although apparently it wasn't so easy to fix my air conditioning unit.

Duck Heat & Air (in Pryor - get it?  Duck?  lol...) came out one day last week to look at my broken air unit.  They asked me if it tripped the circuit breaker even before they started checking.  When I answered "yes" one of the two guys said "uh oh".  I knew it wasn't going to be good.

They checked the unit, they checked the inside unit, played with the thermostat for a bit, and then gave me the news.  The outside unit was dead.  And because of certain governmental rules, they couldn't replace it and hook it back up to the old inside unit.  Also, the inside and outside units were not the same size and shouldn't have been connected.  One was a 2 ton, the other was a 2.5 ton.  Weird, but after living in this house for a while, and knowing how this house was designed, I am not all that surprised.

So the upshot of the situaiton was that I was going to have to buy a complete new unit.  The price tag - $3,770.  Not something I was expecting, and not the way I wanted to spend all that money.  Think of all the comic books I could have added to my collection.  Or think of the number of plane tickets to Romania I could have bought (personally... my favorite choice).

I have to say that Duck Heat & Air certainly worked fast.  In less than a week, they had my new air conditioner/heater up and running.  It seems to cool the house a lot better, and hopefuly it will be much more efficient for both the heater and air.  I'm just happy that there will be no more days of me just sitting around the house and sweating.  My own "Jeff soup" -- not good.  Cool air in my house -- very good.

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