College Sleeping Habits

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My parents were relatively strict.  Bedtime was set generally at 10:30 except for Friday and Saturday nights, which I got to stay out to midnight.  Apparently my mother could hear a mouse sneaking across the floor on the other side of the house while she slept.  This meant the bedtime was set not for ME but so that I wouldn't wake her up.  How fun was that? 

So, the first night I went off to college at the University of Tulsa, I stayed up 'til 2:00 am.  And after that, that seemed to be my regular bedtime.  Every night...2 AM.  Even if I had class at 9 am that next morning (current morning actually...) I stayed up late.  I had stuff to do, and it took time to get it all done.  I wasn't alone.. all my roommate, suite mates and practically the entire floor stayed up that late.  Its a college thing, I understand this.

Nicole and Krista are now both off to college.  Both Krista and Nicole stay up all hours, though I am not really sure what Krista does since she is in school 2400 miles away.  Makes it hard to come home for the weekend.  Nicole however goes to  OU and on occasion makes it home. 

This past Thursday night she came home because she had a dental appointment on Friday.  She also wanted to do laundry and wanted me to take her to lunch Friday at noon.  That's cool.  So Thursday she is at my home, doing laundry, watch TV (loudly) and talking to me about stuff.  Apparently I am not as strict as my parents.  When I came home from TU, I had to revert back to my old sleeping hours.  At least they said I could stay up in my room, but they didn't want me wandering the house after "bedtime".  Nicole kept me up to a little after midnight.  I was finally I went to bed.  I had to be at work in the morning... a concept college kids don't full grasp. 

I was sleeping.  I'm sure I was.  Then all of a sudden....Nicole bursts in the room.  She exclaims "Mack got out!".  I groggily look at the clock, blinking my eyes rapidly so I could clear them out and actually see.  3 am.  Ohhhh....that sucks!  Mack is Nicole's big black fraidy cat.  He tries to get out, and on a rare occasion (usually when my kids are home) succeeds.  This time we had the windows open (air condition is still broke) and he pushed open a screen far enough to get out the window.

At 3 AM, I get up...go outside, along with Nicole.  She looks for the cat while I fix the screen.  I think I fixed it okay, but I was also halfway sleepwalking too.  She finds Mack fairly quickly, since he is a scaredy cat, he gets outside, but once there seems to not know exactly what to do.  It took me an hour to get back to sleep, then I woke up at 6.  I was a zombie... and dragged through the rest of the day.  I always seem to be more tired when the kids visit. 

Now I understand my parents..... and that's scary

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