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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You really know you're getting married when you spend your evening with your fiancee looking for wedding dresses online.  Last night Catalina and I spent our evening.  Well, my evening and her wee hours of the morning  (8 hour time difference between here and Romania) searching the web for the perfect dress for our wedding. 

While we don't have an exact date set, we know it will most likely be in the fall of next year.  But that doesn't mean we can't start planning things now.  So, we scoured various bridal sites, looking around and see what is available. 

I never knew there were some many different types of wedding dresses.  Long ones and short ones.  Straps or no straps.  White or off white.  Frilly or simple.  One site had hundreds of dresses....I had no idea.  So what is the perfect dress?  I am not really the best to say, so I will try to express what Catalina told me.  She wants a dress that is not strapless, one that is not too long, and one that could be worn on other occasions.  And the key criteria.... she has to like it.  That might be the hardest criteria to meet. 

We looked at dozens of dresses, all makes and models.  Hours were spent at about a half dozen different places.  We communicated using Yahoo IM and would send links back and forth to each other.  A side note:  long distances would be MUCH harder without things like Yahoo.  We can chat (type and even speak) and with web cams, we can even see each other too.  Not bad for being a bazillion miles away from each other.

Okay... as I was saying, we were looking, sending links back and forth, then commenting on our selections.  Finally, it looks like we might have a winner.  At least for now. 

The dress on the left is our first choice.  The dress on the right is a possible second.  And of course, you gotta have shoes.  Any comments?

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