I Miss My Airconditioner

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A while back I wrote an entry about how I loved my air conditioner.  That hasn't changed.  What has changed is that when I came home Friday evening, my air conditioner had seemingly died.  I'm in mourning....

Not sure what happened.  And as you will find out, I don't know anything about air conditioning units at all.  I do know there is an outside thing, and an inside thing.  The inside thing was working, pumping air, but the outside thing....wasn't doing a thing.  At least I had the intelligence to check the circuit breaker.  Maybe it had been tripped.  Sure enough, it had been tripped.  I flipped the switch back, then turned the unit back on.  No good.  Nothing but hot air being pushed through the vents.  The outside unit was DOA.

When something breaks on a Friday night, it is impossible to get someone to work on it until the next week.  You can beg, you can cry (and I felt like doing both), but nobody works on the weekend.  Except me (but that's another story).  So, the upshot of it is I spent the entire weekend in my house with no air conditioning.  Normally in October things are cool, but this weekend has been much hotter than normal.  Great for me!  Its 10:00 PM in the house and its 83 degrees.  I'm melting!

I spoke in my previous article about how there was no A/C in Romania.  That's not exactly true.  There is A/C in Romania.  They have them for sale at various stores...they kind that sell appliances and home stuff.  Part of the problem is that many of the buildings are made of concrete.  Solid concrete.  You can't run ductwork through solid concrete.  Generally, its not possible.  So, the only type of A/C available to most is window/door units.  And the second part of the problem is that these units are very very expensive compared to what most Romanians make.  And they only work in cooling off the one room they happen to be in.  If you wanted A/C in every room, you would have to buy many many units. 

Not sure how Catalina survives in the summer with no A/C.  She is obviously tougher than I am.  However, when she was visiting me, she was always cold.  I figured out why I think.  Not being used to air conditioning, you get a little chilly when thrust in a room that is artificially chilled.  I couldn't understand how she could always be cold when I was always hot.  (I'm always warm, even with the A/C on).  However, last night I went to Denny's to eat.  The air was cold...and so was I!  Those that really know me...know that me being cold is a minor miracle.  And I was freezing in church this morning.  Amazing!

Still, in my house, I am sweltering, and not sleeping all that well.  Its hot, and the ceiling and desktop fans don't really cool things off.  Another night of hot temps and of dreaming of cooler climates.  I miss my air conditioner! 

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