Sunday, September 23, 2007

I went to the University of Tulsa, and graduated in 1988.  Although I never have been the biggest of sports fans, I do support my alma mater when they play.  Tulsa has not had the best success in the area of football, and has only recently returned to winning seasons.  Tulsa fans have come to accept that losing is inevitable, and we are just happy when we have a season with a winning record.  I still remember the year we didn't win a game.  A bowl game?  That for us TU fans is the ultimate!  

So Friday night I went to the Tulsa/Oklahoma game.  For those of you who do not pay attention to sports at all, or live under some rock, Oklahoma is usually one of the best teams in the country.  And this year there is no exception.  However, Tulsa had won its first two game, so I thought the game might be competitive.  My only goal was for TU to lose respectably, by only a few points.  Winning?  Yeah, like I even would considered that.  But for a moment early in the game, I thought we might have a chance to do just that. 

I was going to the game with my daughter Nicole and her boyfriend.  She bought me the ticket, which was nice.  She arrived late to the game (another story for another day) so she missed the opening drive.  Tulsa scored!  Tulsa scored a touchdown and was leading 7 to nothing!  Amazing!

Nicole showed up finally...then OU scored.  She claimed they were waiting for her to arrive before they scored.  "How kind of them," I thought, and also kinda wishing Nicole hadn't made it to the game.  Terrible of me, I know.... But once Nicole showed up, OU scored...and scored again.  And again...and again.  Well, you get the idea. Respectable loss?  Hardly...62 - 21 is not respectable by anyone's definition.  It was a decimation of my team.  Sad.

For some fans (like Oklahoma's) losing one game can just ruin a season. and some of their fans are certainly not gracious in defeat.  Tulsa fans accepts loss, smile and move on to the next game.  What else can you do?

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