Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last night, a little after midnight, my youngest daugher bursts into my room and exclaims "I made cookies!".  Of course, I was asleep at the time, and this promptly woke me up.  She has a habit of waking me up during the night.  She either has to tell me something, or let me know she is home, or something....its always something.  I am sleep deprived, and I wonder if you can guess why.  After going off to college, her sleep schedule is a bit off kilter with the normal working world.  Plus she is working late every night at Pizza Hut.  She works late, I suffer.

Anyway, she comes into my room last night with a plateful of chocolate chip cookies.  Instead of griping about being woke up, I just eat two cookies.  I figure its easier that way.  Then she confesses that she really didn't make the cookies, and that her friend Merideth did.  Nicole said.."I don't cook".  She doesn't cook?  Why not?  More questions that I don't care to ask at midnight while I am half asleep with cookie in my mouth. 

Earlier in the evening I had given Nicole $14 to buy ingredients.  (Nicole works - where does HER money go?) So, I guess Nicole's role in the cookie production was that of financier.  And not using her own money, but just as the go between to obtain the financing.  She was the cookie broker, so to speak.  So really...I paid for these cookies.  Great...I'm hungry.  But when I got home from work, there was only one left.  I got a total of 5 cookies (I had 2 more before I left for work - there were still lots of cookies left), she at the rest.  I figure for my $14, these 5 cookies cost me $2.80 each.  They were good, but I'm not sure they were THAT good. 

I guess though, I should consider myself lucky that I got any cookies at all.

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