I Love My Airconditioner

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It is hot outside.  Too hot.  Thankfully, I have air conditioning.  I would die without it.  Either in the house, the car, or my office, I need the AC turned up..or down..or whichever means colder.  Even with AC turned on, I sometimes still turn on a fan, just to get me that much cooler.  I don't do heat well, not at all.

However, I am lucky it seems.

My brother lives in California, and where he is, its even hotter.  Been about 110F lately.  That is HOT!  He does have airconditioning, but being in California, everything is more expensive.  He says that when he runs his air conditioner, his electric bill is between $500 and $600 per month.  Hmmm....mine is about $130 on average, to put things in perspective.  That is just a lot of money.  So normally, they don't run their airconditioner unless its absolutley necessary.  I can see why 110F would be considered necessary.  I find it necessary at 80F.

When its cooler (like only 100F) at my brother's house, he runs his "swamp cooler" instead of the AC.  For those of you who don't know, a "swamp cooler" sucks air into the house, throws water into the incoming air to cool it down, and then ciruculates that somewhat cooler air throughout the house.  The house is still hot, just not as hot, but now more humid.

And at least he has that.  My oldest daughter lives in Toronto right now, where it can get to 100F in the summer time.  Thats hot too.  But they don't have AC at all, and I doubt if she has a swamp cooler either.  They just use fans!  Ugh!  I would just sit in front of the fan all day, or carry a fan with me where ever I went.  My friend Catalina in Romania also does not have AC, and it get just as hot there as here in Oklahoma.  She doesn't even have a fan!  (BUY A FAN! - friendly advice) I have seen her on webcam.  She looks HOT!  And sweaty too! ;)  Makes me sweat just to think of it.  She is certainly tougher than I am.  If I were there now, I would have long ago melted away.

I think that if I had to go without AC, I would just move to the South Pole.  Yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to heat, and I love my Airconditioner. 

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