Technology Sux! (again!)

Monday, June 26, 2006

You know, nothing seems to work right any more.  Tried to send a message with my cell phone just now.  Can't send - network error.  Tried to get on the internet earlier.  Nothing worked.  Had to reinstall the router.  This after spending an hour or 2 trying to mess with my computer because I think IT is the problem.  And why would I have to reinstall the router?  What changed?  I didn't change anything.  And besides, this is a NEW router because the other one died earlier this month.  Maybe I should have reinstalled THAT router settings as well.  Maybe it really wasn't dead!  Who knows?  How can you tell?  Oh, and my internet tech support hotline was on absolutely no help.  "Oh, you have a router.  I can't help you.  We aren't allowed to do anything with routers".  Okay then, who do you call for help?!?!  Obviously the people who make my router have no idea what network I'm hooking up to, so I'm sure they can't help.  And now my tech support says they can't help.  What do you do?!?!?!

Well, I guess it could be worse.  I was at a place that would not allow web downloads of any file greater than 1 MB.  Can you imagine!  So, to go to a website and downlaod a new program, unless it was less than 1 MB (not bloody likely!) you can't do it!  Geez!  I did manage to find a way around that probelm.  FTP!!  Of course, not everyone has FTP, but it suited my purposes quite well.  Why doesn't everyone have FTP?  Its old...its not NEW...but it works!

My laptop sometimes just won't come on at all.  I have to take the battery out of the computer, wait a bit, then plug the battery back in.  Thankfully this only happens once in a while.  Imagine the first time it happened though, I thought the whole computer died.

Was at a clients office today.  Their accounting system is messed up.  Not sure why, but certain things are supposed to match, and they don't.  I don't blame the users, because the software should never let it happen in the first place.  But it won't let me fix the problem even though I know what I'm doing.  So some things are out of balance, and I can't put them back in balance to save my life.  Frustrating is not even close to describing how it felt. 

My brother ordered my birthday present, a gift certificate to an online comic shop.  He ordered it over the internet.  This was a while ago, and it still hasn't arrived.  When one uses the phone to order things, you KNOW your order is placed.  Yeah yeah... I know... "email confirmations".  But not all places send them, and my brother isn't the most computer savvy person in the world.

I ordered something on the net, and decided to cancel the order.  I get an email from them saying we will "try" to cancel the order.  "TRY"?  In the words of Yoda: "Do or do not... there is no try."  Three days later I get an email  saying that it was to late to cancel the order, and that the product shipped.  It shipped the day they sent the email saying it was too late!  What did they do those three days?!?!  If I had bought it at a store, I would have just taken it back and gotten my money refunded.

I could go on...but am afraid that my computer might die at any moment, or that the update is to big and won't make it through my shaky internet connection.  Paranoia will destroy ya! 

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