Technology Sux!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Everyone who knows me knows I am a "technology freak" or a "gadget nut". I seem to have more electrontic devices than a Radio Shack store. But there are times when all these gadgets and such cause nothing but frustration when they don't work as they should. I always tell people that "computers are great when they work, but when they don't....." no need to even finish, everyone knows what I mean.

The other day I came home from work, and just as I sat down at my desk with my laptop and TV, the electricty goes out. Only for a few seconds, then it popped right back on. First complaint, why is it my electricity can just go on and off when there weren't any storms that day?? Did someone just decide to turn it on and off real quick to see what would happen?? This happens here at my place all the time. I would call and complain to AEP but all you ever get is their automated answering service. Which is ANOTHER thing about technology I hate. I like talking to a real person!

Anyway, back to the electrical problem. My electricity went on and off, and all hell broke loose at my place. Electrical gadgets do not like to be suddently turned off and on in a matter of seconds. Most things were okay, though I do seem to have to reset the clocks all over the house), but i noticed my new external hard drive was not acting right. I just bought a 600GB drive to use as a backup drive, so I don't loose my stuff when the power goes out. Funny, as it was the only computer equipment that seemed at the time to be having problems. Nothing I did seemed to get it to work. The computer would not recognize the drive, and I could not get the light on the front of the drive to stop blinking. It sounded like the hard drive was sticking...or not speeding up right... or, well, it just didn't sound right. Unfortunately, I couldn't open the thing up (no way aparently) to try to fix that.

So, I did something that has actually worked for me in the past, and that I hit it with my fist, hard. Several times. I turned the drive back on, and it has been working ever since. I wonder if that voids my warranty? At least it works now. I spent over an hour trying to get it to work, when I could have been doing other things. A prime (but not the only) example of how technology can be a pain for those who try to use it.

I will write more on this subject later!

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