Fog Creek is my CoPilot

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Have you ever been asked to help someone with a problem on the computer? Or maybe you have asked someone to help YOU with a problem that you are having. I seem to get that a lot... people asking me to help them with a problem they are having on the computer. Using the phone alone, and not being able to see what is REALLY going on, sucks when I try to help. First, I may not even have the program they are having problems with, as if I they expect me to know how to use every single program out there on the market (by memory, no less!). Second, sometimes the instructions I give to the person I am helping are not carried out exactly the way I think I am telling them. I may say "right click on this icon" and they may left click on some other icon and then everything goes to pieces. And not to say the person I am helping doesn't know what is going on, and isn't valid in their assessment that they have a problem. Its just hard to be a tech support person over the phone.

So, this is why I am writing about a program called CoPilot from Fog Creek Software. It really can be a lifesaver. The other day a person was having real problems with their computer. Lots of instant messaging back and forth trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing working. Out of sheer desperation, I went the Copilot website, paid the small $9.95 fee for a "daypass" and started using the the service.

 It was amazing. I could access the other computer accross the internet without each of us having to install lots of software or worse have the same program like pcAnywhere. I installed a tiny little program, and so did the other user, and that was it. Easy! I was checking things out, moving things around on the other PC, and finally, after working on this problem for hours without CoPolit, it was fixed in 15 minutes after I started using the service. Wow! All because of CoPilot. Hallelujah!! Fog Creek is my CoPilot!

Some of you may be thinking.. "why should I have to pay if someone ELSE needs help?" Good point, if you don't mind being accused of being a tightwad, or worse. But there is even a way to have the bill sent to the helpee, Nice. Wonder what Grandma will say if I send her the bill? Maybe I will just pay it and go on. Still, this service is highly recommended. Fog Creek can be your Copilot too!

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