Yard WORK (emphasis on WORK)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I hate yard work.  There is a reason its called "yard work" instead of "yard recreation" or "yard fun".  Its because its work!  And I don't hate working.  Everyone who knows me knows I work a LOT, but for some reason yard work is something I just could do without.  Maybe its because of all the bugs.  I don't like bugs, and living next to a lake in Oklahoma, there are so many different kinds of insects and spiders (and other creepy crawlies) that it staggers the imagination.  Or maybe its just that I would rather be doing something else.

Take today for example.  I was going to mow my yard and a few other things early in the morning.  But I ran into a computer problem that just begged to be solved.  So, I worked on it instead.  This little problem took quite a while to figure out, but I managed to do it, and learn a few cool things in the process.  So, I didn't get to my yard until about 6pm this evening.  However, that was plenty of time to mow, run the weed-eater, and cut down some brush growing back behind my property.

My yard is so small too, it shouldn't be that hard to maintain, yet I still don't like doing it.

Some of my neighbors are retired, and it seems to me that they have nothing much else to do but work in their yards.  I could find a million other things, but sometimes I think they compete on how nice a yard each one of them can get.  They are always out there doing something.  I didn't know that much time could actually be spent productively in a yard, but they seem busy.  That is one competition they can have, and I do not mind losing.  Though I think my neighbors wish I spent more time in my yard as well.  Something about property values....

Tomorrow I need to do more work out there.  I wonder what time I will get around to it??  Don't count on seeing me out early in morning, evening is a safer bet.

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