Thank You, Catalina

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Before I begine writing much about my trip to Romania, there is something I must do first.  Prior to my visit, I met a lady online named Catalina Nistor who was instrumental in helping me find our more about the country, and giving me ideas about what I should see and do while in the country.  And since I was staying close to where she lived, she offered to meet me and help me out while I was there. So, while in Romania, I did have the pleasure of making her acquaintance.  Probably a good thing I did too.  She just happened to be with me on a excursion to the Painted Monestaries where I got "misdirected" (I'm a guy, I can't say "lost") in the Carpathian Mountains AND later was stopped by the police for speeding.  Oops!  What a day... While those will be stories for a later date, lets just say that if it weren't for her, I might still be in Romania under unpleasant circumstances.

Catalina is a sweet, kind and intelligent woman.  She is studying nursing, and is at the top of her class.  I'm sure it helps that she is a little older than most of the students who start attending right out of high school, but she is very devoted to her studies.  She can also speak four languages: French, Italian, Romanian, and English (which was almost perfect).  4?!?!?!  I have a hard enough time speaking English.

I am still in contact with her after the trip, so as Catalina was so kind to me while I visited her country, I am making an open invitation to her for visiting mine.  If she is ever in the US...well, if she ever is in Oklahoma, I would be more than happy to have her come visit me, so that I could return the favor and show her around my "neck of the woods".  Easier said than done though.  Getting a visitor's visa I'm sure is not an easy task.  And really, when Europeans think of visiting the US, I doubt if Oklahoma is on the top of their list.  When I told people in Romania I lived in Oklahoma, most just gave me a blank, empty look.  I wasn't too surprised about that.  Still, the offer is there.  And thank you Catalina, for everything, during my visit.

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