Ticks - Oklahoma Vampires

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Before I went on my vacation to Romania, my youngest daughter Nicole decided to buy me a gift. Actually, it is an early birthday or Fathers Day gift, but we will decide which it is later. What she bought me was a silver chain necklace with a silver cross to go with it. She even had it blessed by the Bishop of the Oklahoma Episcopal Church Diocese. The reason? She wanted me to have it to protect me from vampires while I was in Romania. After all, that is where Dracula is from, right? Well, the thought was nice, though perhaps not really needed. After all, I saw no vampires while I was there, even when I went to "Dracula's Castle". According to Nicole, "It worked!". Krista is a bit more reasonable I think.

While I met no bloodsuckers while in Romania, it didn't take long for me to find some bloodsuckers here in Oklahoma (not including the IRS - thats another story). It seems I picked up a tick while playing golf on Saturday. Those little guys really suck, literally. I'm glad I found him, cause I know they can be disease carriers. Besides, its just creepy knowing they are on you. So, the next time I go to Romania and someone asks me if I will be on the lookout for vampires, I will just look at them and say "No, I am leaving them here in Oklahoma".

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