Too Cool For Sunscreen?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Woke up this morning feeling warm.  I thought it was just hot in the house, but then I realized it was something else.  It was my skin that was warm.  I went golfing yesterday, and didn't bother to put on any sunscreen.  Just didn't think it was necessary.  However, I should know better being that my skin is a pasty white color that doesn't ever see much sun.

So, a part of my skin is now sunburn.  Arms, legs, face, and since I seem to have less hair than I use to, the top of my head is feeling a bit burnt as well.  Didn't wear a hat either.  Lesson learned I guess.  If I am going out to play in the Oklahoma summer sunshine, I need to protect this skin of mine.  Otherwise, face the burning wrath of the sun.

I haven't used the stuff much in the past, as 1) I don't like the smell of it, 2) Its pain to put on, and 3) I feel greasy for the rest of the day until I try to shower it off.  Too cool for sunscreen?  Well, next time I will use the stuff as I would rather have cool skin instead.

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